Education is changing in the World

Education has news perspectives in the Network Society

 Education in the world is changing. Every day teachers are using news technologies and Internet to teach in different issues. In this video, you can see the aspects that are changing, what is the goal of education and how teachers are using tools to teach in an environment where young people have access to computers and Internet, also to other social media such as Facebook, Twitter, Hi5, etc. For instance, in Canada there are schools that use Internet to prepare classes for students. Parents also, can participate through Internet looking about the progress of students. The incorporation of new technologies is very important in the educational system, especially in low income countries where the educational level is not effective.


2 Responses to Education is changing in the World

  1. Daniel Clark says:

    Ya dear now a days education is changing regularly. Student take helps of social media site and use internet to solve his/her problem.

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  2. social media examiner google+

    Education is changing in the World | EDUCATION AND TECHNOLOGY

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