Statistics about new technologies in Peru (December, 2009)


The access to new technologies in Peru is different. According to National Institute of Statistics of Peru, in December 2009, 27,7% of the houses in Peru have a phone connection, 65,2% have access to cell phone, 22,7% have access to cable, 19,2% have a computer and 9,7% have access to the Internet. It is very important to know that the acces to Internet in the houses is very limited but the access to Internet in Internet booths is high.

According to the Institute of Statistics and Informatic of Peru, 31,4% of the people over 6 years of age use Internet. However, there is inequality by gender. For instance 35,1% of males use Internet and 27,7% of females use Internet, so there is a gender gap in the access to Internet. That is why, the government should promote different activities to close this gap about the access to Internet by gender.

According to the same organization in Peru, in relation to age, the  group of people between 19 and 24 years of age use the most the Internet (55,4%) and 51,4% of people between 12 and 18 years old are the second group that use more frequently the Inernet.

Other important information is about the place where people use Internet. 67,2% of people use Internet in booths. This is an important information, where you can see that out of 10 Peruvians that access to Internet, 7 Peruvians access it in public booths. In educational organizations only 8,3% of people have access to Internet.

You can get more information about this issue in this link where the information is in Spanish. Here.


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