Use of Internet in Peru according to the Instituto de Opinion Publica PUCP

This study was developed in the capital of Peru, Lima, in September of 2009. This city has approximately 8 million people.

The study found that 34% of population access Internet from their homes. 28% of population use Internet every day, 15% use it every two or three days and 6%  two or three times a month.

About the activities that people do when surfing the Internet, the outcomes were the following:

  • 93% people use the Internet for searching information,
  • 79% use the Internet for e-mailing, 72% for  chatting,
  • 63% for downloading music, videos and pictures,
  • 35% use it for Wikipedia and
  • 21% to participate in courses on line.

Fifty-seven percent of people in Lima access Internet from public booths, so out of 10 people, 6 people use the Internet  from public places, especially in the poor places of Lima. Other important information in this research is that 78% people have an account of e-mail, it means that out of 10 people in Lima, 8 people have an account of e-mail. 94% people have an acoount of e-mail in Hotmail, 21% in Yahoo and 18% in Gmail.

About the use of social media in Lima, 47% people have access to Hi5, 22% people have access to Youtube, 20% people have access to Facebook, 7% have a blog and 1% have access to Twitter.

This important study was developed by the Instituto de Opion Publica of the Pontificia Universidad Catolica del Peru.


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