Today is International Internet Day

Today, May 17 in the World is the Internet Day. That is why in different countries around the World there are activities such as conferences, meetings, visits to Universities and also activities on line. In 2006 the United Nations approved May 17 of each year as World Telecommunication and Information Society Day.

The number of Internet users in the World are the following:  In North America there are 259 millions of users, in Latin America y The Caribean 186 millions of users, in Africa 86 millions of users, in Europe 425 millions of users, in Asia 764 millions of users and Australia 21 millions of users.

The most important milestones of Internet are the following:

1969: Through Arpanet three universities in North America were connected.

1972: The first public demostration of Arpanet.

1994: Jerry Yang founded Yahoo.

1998: Sergey Brin y Larry Page founded Google.

2000: There were 20 millions of websites.

2004: Marck Zuckerberg founded Facebook.

2005: Youtube was founded.

2010: There are 1,700 millions of Internet users.


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