January 14, 2011

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Internet stats

January 14, 2011

Internet Stats
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Latin America and the Caribbean: Beyond Neoliberalism?

November 17, 2010

This important event will be in Groningen on November 18 and 19, 2010. This event is organized by The Netherlands Association of Latin American and Caribbean Studies (NALACS), in collaboration with the Centre for Development Studies (CDS) and the Center for Mexico (CEM) of the University of Groningen, and the Centre for Latin American Research and Documentation (CEDLA). In this event will address various topics of development.

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Groningen University

September 12, 2010

Groningen University is located in the city of Groningen. This University was founded in 1614. It is one of the oldest universities in the Netherlands.

Now Groningen University has 26,800 students; 3,500 international students, 9 faculties, Bachelor, Master and PhD programmes.

The Groningen canals, ports and warehouses take you back to 14th century Hanseatic times, when Groningen was a member of this alliance of trading gluilds.

The University of Groningen and the city of Groningen are a good place to study. If you need more information about this University you can see in: www.rug.nl

Efficacy of an educational program on life skills in Peru

May 19, 2010

Efficacy of an educational program on life skills in a high school at the district of Huancavelica, Peru  

Author: Raul Choque  


This study aimed to determine the efficacy of a life skills educational program in a high school at the district of Huancavelica, Peru during year 2006. The method applied in this study was a quasi experimental research using a pre-test and post-test with a comparison group. The subjects were 284 students from high school. This study considered variables such as communication, self-esteem, assertiveness, decision making, sex, age, and methodology of education.  

The results of this study indicated that the students’ skills of assertiveness and communication improved in the experimental group. Moreover, the most used methodology was the interactive methodology in the experimental group.  

In conclusion, the educational program in life skills is effective in a school year in relation to the skills of communication and assertiveness. However, the skills of self- esteem and decision making did not demonstrate a statistical significant difference. Thus, it is necessary to evaluate its implementation.  

Key words: life skills, evaluation, efficacy  

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Ethiopian report about the OLPC Program

February 14, 2010

The introduction of the Melepo educational tool into the Ethiopian classroom is an ongoing process. In light of this, it would be premature to draw summative conclusions concerning the overall efficacy of the programme at this stage. However, despite the significant challenges faced, the diversity of research methods employed in this initial study have demonstrated certain key findings as documented throughout the analysis.

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177,371 Laptop distributed One Laptop per Child in Peru

February 14, 2010

Peru is a country where the program One Laptop Per Child are working in the different regions. The final of 2009 in Peru the Ministry of Education distributed 177,381 laptop to students of first years.

Also, the Ministry of Education produced different books about the use of One Laptop Per Child.

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