Raul Choque-Larrauri

Doctor in education with more than 15 years experience at the management and field work levels in education, communications, health and development, in the government and private sector. Professor of social sciences at the graduate level. Qualities include leadership, teamwork, and commitment to social justice. Fluent in Spanish. Proficient in English and Portuguese.


2010-2011        Postdoctoral. Faculty of Arts, Groningen University, Groningen, The Netherlands
2007- 2009     Doctor in Education. Universidad Nacional Mayor de San Marcos, Lima,  Peru
2004-2006       Masters Degree in Management of Social Programs and Projects. Universidad Peruana Cayetano Heredia, Lima, Peru
2002-2003       Masters Degree in Communication and Education. Universidad Autónoma de Barcelona España, Barcelona, Spain
1992-1997      Bachelor and professional degree in Education.  Universidad Nacional Mayor de San Marcos, Lima, Peru                


Integral Health Insurance-Ministry of Health of Peru

Consultant (February -May 2009)

Development of communication and education materials to promote the use of the insurance among populations.
Oversee of communication processes.
Training in social marketing for marketing focal points of the integral health insurance.

Georgetown University

Country Coordinator for the IALS Scholarship Program (October 2007- September 2008)

Managing of the scholarship program. This includes budgeting, financing, orientation sessions to the students. 
Dissemination of the IALS Scholarship Program in indigenous population in Peru through local and mass media.
Selection of candidates for the scholarship program.

 NGO CHS and American Embassy in Lima

Communicatios Coordinator (August 2007-April 2008)             

Coordination of outreach efforts for the Coalition Project
Development of health communication strategies to promote drug-free communities
Development of materials about drug prevention and drug-free communities

 UNFPA, Lima, Peru

Consulting on Advocacy in Maternal Healrh (August 2007)                           

Consulting on the implementation of a maternal mortality awareness and advocacy plan.
Implementation of a literature review in maternal health in the context of Peru.

Department of the Interior, Lima, Peru

Assistant Director (January-March 2007)               

Responsible of the planning, implementation and evaluation of social communication campaigns about citizen security and prevention of road accidents.

Monitoring and evaluation of communication programs

Training in social communication

Ministry of Health of Peru

National Executive of the Social Communication Division (Feb-Sep 2006) 

Management of national communication programs about prevention in maternal and infant health, and other health priorities, through mass media, community and interpersonal media.

Implementation of communication materials

Supervising and technical assistance to regions in Peru

National Director of the Health Education Division (June 2004 – Feb. 2006)                       

Management of the Social Program of Health Promoting Schools at a national level. This social program benefits 3,695 schools, 35,591 teachers and 885,381 students.

Training human resources

Monitoring and evaluation of educational health activities 

Responsible of Health Education (Jan – Dec 2002)

Formulation of the Health Promoting Schools Program and educational campaigns about health promotion and prevention. 

Diffusion of communication campaigns


Regional advisor in health promotion (Sept.  2001 – Jan. 2002)

Implementation of communication and education programs in different regions in Peru.

Monitoring of communication activities in selected regions.

Technical assistance to focal points of CARE in the selected regions.

 Health Regional Direction of Huancavelica    

Executive Director of Human Resources Training and Community Participation (June 1999 – August 2001)       

Development of training activities for health providers in Huancavelica.

Development of community health campaigns.

Production of communications materials.

 Manager of the Information, Education and Communication Unit (Jan.1994 – May 1999)              

Implementation of communication and education programs in maternal and infant health.

Elaboration of educational materials

Diffusion of educational materials


 Graduate School, San Ignacio de Loyola University

Professor of research and new technologies

January-June 2009

School of Humanities, Catholic University of Peru

Professor in Diploma of management of projects and social programs

May 2007 – present   


Universidad Peruana Cayetano Heredia

Professor in the Masters Program of Public Health 

January 05 – present  

Universidad Nacional Mayor de San Marcos

Professor in the masters program of teaching and research in health

April 07 – present      

Escuela Valenciana

Professor of the Online International Course of Health Promotion in the Public Health School


Universidad Peruana Cayetano Heredia

Professor at the Graduate School of Public Health and Administration

2004 – 2005                           


Member of the Health Promotion Unit at the Universidad Peruana Cayetano Heredia. Lima, Peru
Member of the Health Network of the Latin America Communication Initiative
Local Jury in Peru of the Fellowship Program of the Ford Foundation


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